Kashmiris and Pakistanis protesting against India’s inhuman actions: Tribal elders

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By Asif Ayoub

WANA: Under the direction of Deputy Commissioner South Waziristan Amjad Meraj, under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner Wana Basheer Khan and Additional Assistant Commissioner Wana Dr. Sadiq Ali, a ceremony was organized and a rally was held on August 05
(Youm-e-Istehsal) “Exploitation Day”.

All the district administration staff, tahsildars, TMA staff, tribal elders s and political leaders as well as scholars participated in the rally.

On this occasion, the tribal elders said that today Kashmiris and Pakistanis living all over the world are protesting against the cruel action taken by India on 5 August.

India has refused to obey all the laws of the world and has left 900,000 beasts of an army to oppress Occupied Kashmir, which is not only condemnable but the international community should take notice.

On this occasion, the speakers said that the morale of Kashmiris is high, despite the atrocities of India, Kashmiris are protesting vigorously.

Pakistan is following the UN resolutions, but India’s Hindutva thought is deviating from them.

We Pakistanis and Kashmiris believe that Kashmir is an indivisible unity and all the geographical routes of Kashmir are connected to Pakistan.

We remind the United Nations to uphold the faith the world has left in you and give Kashmiris their due.

However, the same slogan of the tribal elders, Scholars and political leaders participating in the rally, that “Kashmir will become Pakistan”.

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