Kashmir Exploitation Day Rally from DC Tank Office to Kashmir Chowk

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Tank Adam Khan Kundi.
Kashmir Exploitation Day Rally was taken out from the Deputy Commissioner Tank Office which ended at Kashmir Chowk. The rally was led by Deputy Commissioner Tank Hamidullah Khattak. Councilors Media Persons Focal Person Farhan Hakeem also attended. Flags, banners and badges were also distributed among the people on this occasion. In the rally, loud slogans were also raised in favor of the Kashmiri Muslim brothers. It is quiet. We salute the martyrs of Kashmir and share their pain and suffering equally. Focal person Farhan Hakeem while talking to the media said that the exploitation of Kashmiris is continuing but the oppression of Kashmiris will one day bring color to the nations of the world. The brutality of the army should be noticed. The slogans of Kashmir will be Pakistan, the war will continue till the independence of Kashmir were raised. The rally ended at Kashmir Chowk and a special prayer was offered for the freedom of Kashmiri oppressed Muslims.

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