U-16 girls team wins 3 matches in series

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The Girls team won the series 3-0 without conceding a single Goal and won all their 03 matches against the following clubs:-

Day 1 : Gomrukchu vs Diya FC 0-5
Day 2 : Baku Sporting vs Diya FC 0-6
Day 3 : Ahmadli FC vs Diya FC 0-6

They won under the Captainship of Noor Akhber and Eisha Husain played as a V.Captain.

The Matches were played in the format of 07 Aside.

The boys put up a good fight and Drew the first match and lost the rest by narrow margin.

Standing also in the picture is Naila Sheikh V. President Diya WFC, Chinee Gul Manager, Rukhsar Rashid Asst. Coach, Amina Husain,Sana Khan Travel Agent, Armeen Ismail Board Member and Parent, Doctor Ayesha Rauf and Sadia Sheikh.

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