Bangladesh’s Dr Yunus: Story of an immoral Nobel Peace Laureate

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Sufian Siddique
The Nobel Peace Prize has frequently caused controversy. There’s almost always controversy around the Peace Prize — in part because it’s so political. Myanmar’s Aung San Suu Kyi is also a Nobel laureate! But what’s about her contribution to promote human rights in her country? Thus, there is no logic to compare a Nobel laureate with an angel. For instance, Dr. Muhammad Yunus won the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the only Bangladeshi to have received the prestigious prize, which may have improved perceptions of Bangladesh abroad. He was obviously expected to rest on his achievements and uphold the high regard in which he was regarded by both his countrymen and others. But his pursuit of a few trivial personal interests cost him the prestigious position. Currently, Dr. Yunus is a contentious figure in the nation. Dr. Muhammad Yunus was the Managing Director of Grameen Bank. His age limit for holding the service expired. Because of this, Bangladesh Bank removed him from his position. But it is Dr. Muhammad Yunus did not like it. For this reason, he filed a writ petition challenging the government’s order. But the country’s highest court said that Dr. The removal of Muhammad Yunus from the post of Managing Director of Grameen Bank was correct. Yunus then wooed the international community and telephoned Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to reinstate Hillary Clinton. When none of these things worked, Yunus, out of revenge, began lobbying for the World Bank not to finance the Padma Bridge. That’s why he and an English newspaper editor went to the World Bank headquarters and influenced Hillary Clinton. And as a result, the World Bank withdrew from the financing of the Padma Bridge, citing a so-called corruption.Take his refusal to resign from his position as Managing Director of Grameen Bank, which he was required to do after reaching the required age. It should be noted that in Bangladesh, the maximum age to hold the position of managing director of a bank is 60 years old. He nevertheless illegally held onto the position for an additional 10 years after the time limit had passed. Additionally, it is claimed that he planned a scheme to keep his job and even hired some foreigners to lobby on his behalf.Bangladesh desperately needed a bridge over the powerful Padma. The Padma Multipurpose Bridge, which is already available to the public, is anticipated to have a big impact on the GDP expansion of the nation. However, Yunus is accused of doing everything in his power to prevent the building of the “dream bridge” and of succeeding in getting the World Bank to refuse finance for the Padma Bridge project. The prime minister gave a clear statement about the conspiracy of Yunus in the construction of Padma Bridge. When the Prime Minister gives a speech, surely, he speaks with information knowingly. Dr. Muhammad Yunus initially did not respond to these allegations.Although after a long time, Muhammad Yunus claimed in a statement from the Yunus center that he was not involved in the conspiracy to finance the Padma bridge. In addition, he is accused of illegally moving money from foreign donors to other private organizations and of arbitrarily resolving up to 110 complaints that employees of Grameen Telecom had brought against him. How a man of his stature could descend to such low levels and rebel against the nation for his limited personal benefit is beyond our comprehension. Yunus can now only apologize to the nation’s citizens for the devastation he has done to them.Nobel laureate economist Dr. Muhammad Yunus. Several financial irregularities and corruption allegations against him are now in the hands of the government. Especially in recent times, unusual transactions for the withdrawal of cases puts Yunus in an embarrassing situation. This Nobel laureate economist is under pressure in recent times. Earlier, Grameen Bank founder Nobel Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus has been fined Tk7,500 after pleading guilty and apologising for violating the country’s labour laws in 2020. He said that he has filed a writ petition to protect the status of Grameen Bank. But perusal of his writ petition shows that he has filed the writ petition to get back his post. Dr. Yunus said in his statement that he did not give the $60 million to the fund. But Hillary Clinton’s website still shows that Dr. Received $60 million as election funds from Muhammad Yunus.Also Dr. Muhammad Yunus is cheating on some financial matters. He is believed to have paid a huge sum of money as bribe in withdrawing the cases of 435 officers and employees of Grameen Telecom and this matter has now been taken cognizance by the High Court and an investigation has been started. The government also has evidence that Muhammad Yunus has siphoned off huge sums of money from his foundation into his personal funds. Which is totally illegal and punishable offense under Trust Act Several cases are prepared against Muhammad Yunus. Legal analysts think that he is going to under the legal jurisdiction at any time. He is accused of embezzlement through smuggling of 3000 crore rupees. The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has decided to investigate the irregularities of four members of the board of directors of the company, including Muhammad Yunus. According to media reports, On July 14, the Department of Inspection of Factories and Institutions applied to the ACC, alleging financial irregularities against Yunus. Since 1996, Grameen Telecom’s subsidiaries have been accused of suspicious transactions of Tk 2,977 crore. Apart from this, an investigation is sought for depriving the workers of their rights in various ways. After reviewing the complaint, the ACC announced that it will start investigating the corruption. Secretary of the organization Mahbub Hossain said that all those who are on the board of directors of Grameen Telecom Company will be questioned. Once the investigation starts, everyone will know who else is involved. The workers also appealed to the International Labor Organization to take action against Yunus.Besides, the serious complaint against the company is that through the irregularities of Grameenphone’s ‘Grameenphone Workers’ Profit Fund and Welfare Fund’, in which they have shares, 5% of the dividend reserved for distribution among the workers was lost, illegally in the name of advocate fees and other fees while paying the dues of the workers and employees. They embezzled Tk 45 crore 52 lakh 13 thousand 643 including percentage deduction of money and interest allotted to workers welfare fund.Earlier in 2015, five employees of Grameen Telecom Sramik Union filed a case against the company’s board of directors accusing 1,300 workers and employees of embezzling Tk 700 crore through corruption. Later, after the hearing of this case, Metropolitan Magistrate Yusuf Hossain ordered to investigate the matter and take action.According to the ACC’s complaint, in 2010, in accordance with the government’s instructions, 5 percent of the profit in the Grameenphone Workers’ Profit Fund and Welfare Fund was announced to be distributed among the employees. In 2013, Grameenphone’s board of directors passed it, but 691 crore 38 lakh 66 thousand 183 taka of workers’ dividend was embezzled. But the workers still did not understand the compensation.It is known that at that time, Grameenphone Limited, CEO of Grameenphone Limited, Chairman of Grameenphone Board of Trustees, four members of the Board of Trustees were accused in the case filed by the members of the labor union.Workers filed 110 cases against Yunus. Grameen Telecom recently paid Tk 476 crore to 176 workers to avoid this. An application was made on behalf of the workers to withdraw the case.It is known that Yunus has managed workers’ lawyers and employees’ union leaders with huge sums of money. Three people were arrested. This is the story of Dr Yunus, a Nobel laureate in peace.

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