PPP inaugurates first office at Banigala

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Khalid Sibtain

Islamabad: Pakistan Peoples Party inaugurated First Office at Banigala People’s Party Leadership attended the Ceremony. Today Pakistan Peoples Party inaugurated his first office at Banigala , Pakistan Peoples Party City Islamabad President Khan Shehzada Iftikhar General Secretary Madam Uzma oshu Nasir Malik Deputy Secretary Zahid Iqbal attended the Ceremony. The Islamabad Peoples Party Leadership warmly welcomed the Fifteen Women Joining with Enthusiasm and passion under the Leadership of Rukhsan Gul kakar Madam Salma Barkat was also on the occasion.

The inauguration of Pakistan Peoples Party office at Banigala the inhabitants greeted dynamic and Static efforts made by Pakistan Peoples Party . The residents of Banigala hoped best wishes for Country under the Leadership of Chairman PPP Bilawal Bhutto.


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