A probe into murder of Farooq Ali should be conducted: Rehana Ali/Yasmin Ali

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ISLAMABAD,  (Parliament Times) :Relatives (sisters) of slain British citizen Farooq Ali from Azad Kashmir, Dr. Rehana Ali, Yasmin Ali, have said that Farooq Ali was a great patriot, writer, and an excellent player associated with the Tennis Federation. Farooq Ali was allegedly murdered on March 16, 2022 at the Ramada Hotel in Rawal Dam Chowk. Which was reported to us on 16th March 2022 by telephone in the UK. Farooq Ali remained locked in his room for five consecutive days, when we reached the local hotel on March 17, 2022, we suspected that Farooq Ali had been murdered.

The CCTV camera does not prove that he stayed in his room for five consecutive days. After reporting to the police, the investigation process could not be completed despite the passage of four consecutive months. They said that we were told by the hotel management that Farooq Ali was found dead in the room on March 16, 2022. And we arrived from UK on 17th March 2022, the present condition of the deceased indicated that he had been murdered already.

Despite the consolation of the top police officials, including IG Islamabad, SP Islamabad, justice has not been met so far. We are fully convinced that the staff of Ramada Hotel is involved in the murder of Farooq Ali but the hearing is not going on. Neither complete evidence was collected from the scene. Neither samples were taken. Nor was an autopsy conducted. The person involved in the murder has not been arrested so far. However, as per the instructions of the Additional Sessions Judge, the investigation could not be completed on time. We request the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Interior Minister, to give us justice. They expressed such views yesterday at the National Press Club Islamabad during a press conference along with lawyer Sharafat Ali.

They alleged that Ramada Hotel staff including General Manager Afzal Mirza, Chief Security Officer Khalid Zaheer, Deputy Manager Mohammad Zaheer, Abbas Gul, Abid Abbasi, Housekeeping Supervisor Bihar Ali, Talha Khurshid and Hamid Nawaz etc. are involved in the murder. An FIR was registered at the Secretariat Police Station and an investigation was started by Hemat Kamal, but no progress has been made so far as to who did the murder. While the top officials of Islamabad Police, IG, SP also assured justice, but no justice could be found so far.

Dr. Rehana Ali said that we request the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the Interior Minister to help arrest those involved in the murder of Farooq Ali.

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