PTI did wonders phase-1 in the local government election of punjab!

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Amanullah  Malik

In Punjab too, Tehreek-e-Insaf blew away the PML-N. The defeat of PML-N was such that Malik Ahmad, the leader of PML-N Punjab himself came to the media and admitted defeat. It was proved that the power of “Hass of Sharif” was a flagrant mistake by taking the government from Tehreek-e-Insaaf in crisis.  The PML-N’s defeat is more than its victory. First of all, it should start a fire across the country with the slogan of “respect the vote” and immediately after that, take a full Utron to get the Prime Ministership.Playing the game of good cop, bad cop and giving the impression of senior and coined journalists who once took the front against Tehreek-e-Insaaf that PML-N has done a favor to the country by taking this responsibility.  Asad Mahmood, grandson of late former Chief Minister Mufti Mahmood and son of JUIF chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, should be entrusted with the portfolio of the Ministry of Communications.  His uncle Maulana Atta Rahman was already a senator.The same traditional thinking and journalism, when your own movie is shown in your cinema, you will only go to see it in the end. Politics is the name of “Perception”, that is, the external impression that is made by looking at you.  In it, everything from the media to the swindlers is tested.Elections have now become a regular science.  “Psephology” is the scientific process of influencing elections, from public trends to establishment agendas. Many journalists in our neighboring countries now report only by studying this science.However, it was about the external impression.  Everyone knows that Tehreek-e-Insaf party could not prove liars.  Now their workers are ready to die in support of this lie.  Educated people not only believe this lie as the truth, but this lie-based truth has become their livelihood.  Despite this, they have completed ten years of power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and now they have strengthened their claws in Punjab as well.In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, it is as if there is no other party.  In the next elections, he will take such a strategy to the people as if the opposition government has done it for ten years and he has made the province a paradise in his personal capacity. At a time when Tehreek-e-Insaaf was on the path of total destruction, taking over the government and then colluding and saying that it was being done in the greater interest of the nation was nothing but self-delusion.  Above all, letting former Prime Minister Imran Khan comfortably take charge of the front in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was actually giving a political party an opportunity to walk away and think calmly and freshen up again.Just see how many visits Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif made to Peshawar during his few months in power.  In which areas were the by-elections held where the Prime Minister was interested?  The general perception regarding the PML-N is that their Pakistan ends at Attock.  Now, with this impression, the PML-N had actually remained a party of Punjab, but now in the recent elections, Punjab also lost its hands.It must be admitted that Tehreek-e-Insaf has been successful in propaganda, scientific assessment of public trends and dealing with the establishment.  It also replaced the traditional electoral process.

Propaganda’s support is given the status of Wisdom of the Crowd.  The amount of investment that has been made on former Prime Minister Imran Khan, i.e. on his outward impression, is not as easy as his opponents think.  It is certain that other parties can learn from them.First of all, the political parties and their media managers have to sit down and review this whole situation.  Those who sit on TV day and night and continue to narrate narratives are not called propaganda.  The narrative is actually the basic policy of the party, such as the strengthening of democratic institutions, the theory of the state system, the economic policy, the position on human rights, i.e. the policy based on the concepts of left or right-up or down, but this is impossible here.  That’s why this thief thief, dakodako, loot loota, traitor traitor is not called propaganda.  Therefore, they should abandon this word.  Now that this is clear, whatever their party’s narrative is, focus on propaganda.  Create new slogans, implement new propaganda techniques.  Dispel the impression of these family-owned mafias.  Do your best to attract new voters.  Make fundamental reforms within the party.  For the strength of the party, open the pockets.  Start preparing for daily selection from now.It should be noted that according to the results of the by-elections held on 20 seats of Punjab Assembly, PTI won 15 seats andPML-N won 4 seats while an independent candidate won one seat.Therefore, without giving importance to them, we have to beautify ourselves, we have to work hard, we have to stand up to bring out the real common man.  Then it will be difficult for all of them to manage their estates, industries and assets on the basis of which they are imposing on us today.

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