Announcement of establishment of CPNE Editors Government Liaison Committee, Appointed Chairman Ijaz-ul-Haq

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Karachi, (PR):  President of Council of Pakistan Newspaper Editors (CPNE) Kazim Khan has announced the establishment of CPNE Editors Government Liaison Committee. According to a statement issued by CPNE Secretary General Aamir Mehmood, The objectives of the Editors Government Liaison Committee include right to information, freedom of the press and media related policies and laws, including issues faced by editors, establishing and communicating with the government regarding financial sustainability of print media and transparent and fair distribution of government advertisements etc. The Committee shall report its decisions, recommendations and performance to the Standing Committee of CPNE from time to time. The Editors Government Liaison Committee of CPNE will consist of 9 members of which Ijazul Haq has been appointed as the Chairman. Other members of the committee include Ayaz Khan (Daily Express Lahore), Muhammad Haider Amin/Irshad Ahmad Arif (Daily 92 News Lahore), Rameza Nizami/Salman Masood (Daily Nawai Waqt Lahore), Dr. Jabbar Khattak (Daily Awami Awaz Karachi), Yusuf Nizami (Daily Pakistan Today Lahore), Tahir Farooq (Daily Ittihad Peshawar), Arif Baloch (Daily Balochistan Express Quetta) and Sardar Khan Niazi (Monthly Naya Rukh Islamabad).

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