Life Never Goes The Same

Adil Baloch
With sunsets, there are sunrises too. Life never goes the same. We fall, We fail, but this is not the core focus of this write-up. It is to remind Sunrises will be followed by sunsets. Some moments and turns in life wrestle down the conquerors of time. They might fall off to the ground, but the things that never fall apart are their bastion of courage, mindset, and willpower. These ingredients divide us into two major categories of conquerors and losers. When an average person with an average mindset falls. He lays down his arms and tries to adjust to his misfortunes. One should know that the problem is within, never under-value your potential, stop backing off, taking flights where you have to fight. Stop blaming the situation and hustle for your dreams. Chase up, peace out!

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