Negotiated settlement

Michael Samuel
The Ukraine-Russia scuffle has reached a point of no end. The reason entails Ukraine is eyeing westward for salvage in the shape of military aid which is a short-sighted vision. Ukraine keeps on looking westward may harbor her double whammy, economically and militarily. There could be no end to the military fight except for destruction and deaths. To be mindful in respect of reaching an end to this, there needs to be a negotiated settlement.Professor Mearsheimer holds the view that in order to reach a win-win situation, both the parties should negotiate the terms and conditions for it. It will not end in a military backdrop but instead keeps on proliferating in the worst shape ever. He added that Germany – being a giant in Europe – thinks that arming Ukraine is a moral responsibility but that again bounces back to the point that it will contribute to its already feeble condition. The Putin administration had been very explicit in the past if the west tries to intervene, it will not hesitate to consider the atomic option. So, arming Ukraine in any way will actually legitimize Russia’s warfare actions.Mind you, this is not to justify Russian aggression but Russia had been warning since 2008 that making Ukraine a bulwark at the Russian border is a security concern. Whenever there is a conflict between international law and a country’s strategic interests, the country will privilege its strategic interests, and international law and human rights will be pushed off the table. That is exactly visible now.So, to fade the current heated atmosphere, diplomacy is the need of the hour brushing aside military options or the situation may flip otherwise.


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