Comprehensive economic strategy led to decrease petroleum price: Chief Minister Punjab


LAHORE: Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz Sharif said the incumbent government had taken up the difficult task of fast recovery of the devastated economy and succeeded in rectifying the focus of the national economy.

In a statement issued on Friday, the CM maintained that the reduction in the prices of petroleum products is the first step in the mission of ensuring convenience for the people and disclosed that more good news is awaited. The reduction in the prices of petroleum products is the result of the proper economic direction; he noted and commented that the IMF program was also revived as a result of teamwork. Better days are coming, he maintained. Declining prices of petroleum products are the first spell of good news and the more good news is to come; the CM remarked and added that he would go to any extent to fulfil the promise of public service.

The CM stated that he is working day and night to minimise the difficulties of the people. A historic subsidy of 200 billion rupees was given to provide subsidized flour to the people; he commented and added that PMLN resolved the problems whenever it took over the reins of the government. It was determined to speedily recover the sagging economy and succeeded in rectifying the direction of the economy, the CM concluded.

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