Rashid Ali Dool
Rain is one of the blessings which makes the atmosphere jolly and lovely. People have lot of fun and go on visits on that day but it is possible only for the developed world for it enjoys well-built infrastructures and better drainage system that do not leave even single drop on the roads after the rain has stopped. Unlike the global south, Pakistan, the global north country, which could not have succeeded in handling the basic issues like polio virus, pollution, poverty, illiteracy, loadshedding, health issues just to name a few faces a lot of trouble when it rains there. It is because there is lack of pre planning and preparedness to face sudden problems like rain which causes demolition of houses, street and road flooding, destruction of crops from rain flooding and very common during the period power shortages. People over there enjoy less rather suffer a lot when it rains. The need of the hour is that the government should provide compensation to the rain affectees and make hasty arrangements to clear ways to avoid accidents. Additionally, government should invest in building better and sustainable infrastructures and drainage system that may help people suffer less.

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