Rapid population growth has become a very alarming problem across the globe. Pakistan is also going through this problem. In many developed countries, policymakers are making efforts to control the population. So far few have become successful in doing so. According to the United Nations world’s current population is 7.6 billion which is expected to reach 9.8 billion in 2050 and 11.2 billion in 2100. Asia is the most populated continent in the world containing almost 60% of the total population of the world. With an annual growth rate of around 2%, Pakistan is the 5th most populated country in the world. There are many causes of population growth such as lack of awareness of family planning, religious point of view, illiteracy, child marriage, etc. Family planning in Pakistan is no less than taboo. Here, population control is considered western propaganda to contain the Muslim population. Sometimes advocates of population control are labeled as western puppets. They deny overpopulation is a challenge for the nation and argue that a large population is an asset. More people more workforce and manpower. They believe these things make the country powerful and economically stable. The uneducated and unskilled population is not an asset but a burden on the state. The global north is less populated and more prosperous and more peaceful and wealthier than the global south which is more populated. Pakistan has the youngest population in the world. However, an unutilized and unemployed youth bulge is not beneficial for the country’s economy but a burden on the national exchequer. China’s one-child policy played a crucial role in alleviating poverty in its country. Such a strategy has worked for China. Its economic achievements and development are proof of the success of the one-child policy. Although every other government in Pakistan is busy in launching social safety net programs for uplifting the poverty-ridden section of the society. However, no solid steps are taken to control overpopulation which is one of the major reasons behind poverty. An unbridled population creates other problems like poverty, poor quality education, economic and gender inequality, human trafficking, child labor, unemployment, environmental issues, etc. Almost 10% of the world’s population still lives below the poverty line. In addition to these challenges overpopulation also causes food and water scarcity, housing backlog, and depletion of natural resources. Provision of better health facilities and education to a huge number of people in itself is a big challenge. Worldwide overpopulation is aggravating the critical challenges of global warming and climate change. Due to global warming and climate change, Pakistan is severely facing water crisis that ultimately causes food crisis. Pakistan may become the most water-stressed nation in the region. The contribution of overpopulation to climate change and environmental degradation is an undeniable fact. Climate change and overpopulation are inevitably linked together. Every other person means an increase in carbon emissions. More people require more residential space. That creates a housing backlog, urban sprawls, and slums. These issues lead to deforestation, environmental problems and conversion of agricultural land into residential. All the problems mentioned above can be easily managed and controlled by only controlling overpopulation. Most people are unaware of family planning in Pakistan. The government is not making constructive efforts to spread awareness among the people. It is the government’s responsibility to educate the public about the importance of family. Bad governance and illiteracy (especially female illiteracy) could be major reasons behind the burgeoning population. Either government is not willing to resolve this issue or it doesn’t want to interfere with it because of the religious point of view.Why government is not taking religious scholars and leaders on board for spreading awareness regarding family planning? Unchecked population growth could be a threat to national security. Overpopulation could cause more social dislocation and conflicts. A significant number of the populace is suffering from poverty. That depressed section of society could be attracted to terrorist groups and organizations. Government must take immediate action otherwise consequences will be fatal for the internal of this country. To sum it up, overpopulation is indeed a critical problem that requires due attention. However, with proper policies and vigilant practices, we can mitigate the disastrous effects of overpopulation.

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