Naseebullah khan
The PDM led coalition government has approved amendments in the NAB ordinance of 1999. As per the documents, the present amendments have been made. 1. NAB deputy Chairman be appointed by federal government rather then president of Pakistan. 2. Deputy chairman will temporarily take charge in the absence of Chairman. If deputy chairman is not available, then most senior officier will assume charge. 3. The term of NAB chairman has reduced to 3 years from 4 years. 4. The NAB will not be able to act on federal, provincial, or local tax matters. 4. Regulatory bidies functioning in the country has also been placed out of NAVB dominion. 5. All present inquiries, trials, investigations, and proceedings under this ordinance shall stand trnsfered to the concerned authorities, departments, and courts. 6. Court has to decide the case within one year. 7. The NAB has to assure the availability of evidences against the accused before his/her arrest. 8. The consultation period for the appointment of the Chairman NAB will be 45 days. If the Prime Minister and the opposition leader fail to appoint Chairman, then the matter will be transferred to parliamentary committee that will be bound to decide within 30 days. 9. The section 14 of the NAB ordinance 1999, has been abolished that empowerd the Chairman NAB to penelise the individual for mere suspicion. 10. Accountability judge to be appointed for 3 years. 11. The penalty for filing a false reference will be 5 years imprisonment. 12. The FBR has been empowered to decude the value of the assets in the assets byond means cases. 13. If investigation details is public, the officer will be sentenced to 1 years imprisonment and 1 million fine. No doubt the NAB has become a controversial institution owing to its focus on political victimization, selective trials, and a tool of moral degradation along with the ridicule behaviours with special reference to the educated class where many professors were insulated even a professor had died during the NAB custody. The reality is that whatsoever ordinances are brought. Whatsoever anti corruption body is established the menace of corruption will continue. Untill and unless the government root out the basic reasons of corruption. There is a dire need of a complete revamp of our governing system. The government has to think as to why corruption take place? Major source of corruption is mega projects, its biding, and in construction works, low salaries and provision of dearth of facilities. Untill and unless these root causes are evaporated and a societal conscience is created, the dream of a corruption free Pakistan will remain a dream.

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