A man forced her to fulfil his sexual demands

Shafi M ,Turbat
Pakistan is also a Islamic county where rape cases are happening regularly. Instead of several laws and policies against rape, but yet the cases are at the peak positions. Everyday numerious gender are being raped by which many parents has skipped out to send their daughters for getting higher education in big cities which can lead the country towards the destruction. Thus, there is punishment for sexually abusers. The one who does sexual harassments, in Pakistani laws for those, death penalty or imprisonment of between ten and twenty-five years. According to late lawyer Asma Jahangir, who was a co-founder of the women’s rights group, women’s Action Forum, up to 72% of women in Pakistan are physically or sexually abused More importantly, It is to bring your notice that the Rajanpur is a city and the headquarter of Rajanpur district in the southwest part of Punjab, Pakistan. Rajanpur is a literary district where rape cases are taking place continuedly. Recently a woman was allegedly raped by the conductor of a passenger bus during her travel from Bhakkar to Karachi, it emerged on monday. According to the first information report registered with Jampur police. The woman was traveling from Bhakkar to Karachi when bus stoped at a hotel for the sake of passenger’s meal. After few minutes later the bus conductor saw her who was lonely sleeping in the bus. He, then went to her and forcibly took her to the back seats and raped her. Additionally, it is not the first time that a case happened. In Pakistan each day and every street sexual abusers can be seen. Even though, our educational institutions are not safe where mostly female students are being targeted and abused but yet no one is asked for. So, these measures to be seen very serious, i urge to the federal government to take an emergency action against this issue and protect the women to be the game of ongoing violence.

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