Restrictions on the Rights of Women and Girls in Pakistan

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Pakistan is currently facing such horrible issues against Women and girl’s violence including rape, murder, child marriage and domestic violence. According to human rights defenders, almost 1000 women are murdered in Pakistan each year. In this patriarchal society women’s rights are ruined by so called men dominants where girls are treated like animals. other than that, Child rape is a sickening image of humanity like Zainab Ansari 7 year old girl was extensively raped and tortured.Is that the humanity we claim superior of all species? Furthermore, child marriage is serious problem in Pakistan. In early age their parents fix their marriages without living their children on their own independent life but this effect is inverse men can do everything but restrictions are only upon women. This is the concept of justice that we have developed in our minds. Lastly, children rights for education in Pakistan is also a questionable and behind this, There are lack of schools, cost of associated study, child labor, and child marriage and gender discrimination are the biggest restrictions in the growth of women and girls. To conclude, these serious issues will make worst impacts on the growth of nation in terms of economy. which will damage the image of country globally as well.So, in order to reduce these issues government must need to take precautionary measure against it as women grow so the nation will grow.

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