Energy crisis in Pakistan

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Amir Khalil Buriro
The Pakistani economy has been hampered by a prolonged electricity shortage. It is causing our people a great deal of hardship. Those with the means have been utilizing more electricity than they should while leaving others in the dark.Pakistan’s position is quite concerning. We have a 4000 MW, or more than 50%, of the overall power generation capacity, insufficient supply of electricity. This number is rising as load-shedding hours rise and generation capacity decreases due to battery issues. Electricity is being removed in large amounts from feeders that are not efficient or profitable.A serious electricity crisis is currently affecting our nation. The energy produced if we add more power plants to the two that we already have will not be clean. Even though our current plants produce pollution, they might be able to supply our nation with electricity if our current energy production system weren’t inefficient. To conclude, Pakistan ultimately faces the risk of running out of natural energy supplies. Our government needs to stop relying on oil and start investing in alternate energy sources. As a result, environmental pollution increases, climate change is negatively impacted, and the deficit increases. Due to the disproportionate requirement for foreign expenses, it also causes an economic crisis. To stop environmental pollution, we should invest in clean fuels and lessen our dependency on imported electricity and gasoline

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