Impacts of load shedding on the lives of learners

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Sehrish Soomro
Nowadays load shedding is at its peak and it creates a great disturbance in the lives of learners because without electricity, it is difficult to go online most students take help from Internet sources, plus some students are studying online so they are unable to access their electronic gadgets. In addition, Load shedding can be an obstacle in the preparation of students’ examinations or tomorrow’s study tasks because it disrupts students’ study timetable and their study plans. Most parents are not afforded generators at home and therefore those students must either study under extremely difficult conditions like under the candles hence they are not effectively done their preparations. Furthermore, If students are not well prepared for their exams then this causes students psychological depression or panic attacks. When students suffered psychologically they took negative steps to harm their lives because of not performing well in their exams. Thus, Government should need to consider this issue so that learners would not face difficulty in their studies.

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