IHRC capable of taking legal action against violence acts: Ikramuddin

Sicily,(Parliament Times) : According to a foreign News Agency, Ikramuddin,Chief executive of Global Times Media Europe, said that the International Human Rights Commission is doing its best for human rights,which is quite commendable.He said that the International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) is currently working for the protection of human rights all over the world and has always spoken out on human rights and is passionate about teaching the world of humanity.The National Human Rights Commission is one of the most demanding bodies in the world to take legal action against those involved in the ongoing violence against women and child sexual abuse.He said that the protection of human rights is a duty and an important responsibility of all of us.He further said that Secretary General of IHRC Rafal Marcin Wasik ,Co-Founder and Embassador for Large Europe IHRC Daniel Blaszczyk, Managing Director Control department IHRC Jaroslaw Tatarowski are working brilliantly for International Human rights commission which is commendable. Ikram-ud-Din,Chief Executive of International Global Times Media Europe, while addressing the inaugural function on human rights,said that the most important religion is humanity and the service of humanity is the greatest worship. May Allah Almighty grant us all the ability to serve humanity. Amen.

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