Rich Balochistan and poor Baloch

Shafi M
It is undoubtedly fact that Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan comprising 44% of country’s total land mass with 12.34 million population. Balochistan is rich with its massive natural resources, but unfortunately we Baloch residents lack. According to the Geological survey of Pakistan, Balochistan has more than eighty mineral resources with their significant deposits. Now the question ariases if Balochistan is rich from its countless natural recourses then why Baloch are conflicting from several hardships? Like; no water, no electricity, no food, no internet connection as well as no proper house to live a prosperous life. Is it a mistake that we spread out our eyes in a Baloch home? Finally, it is my urge to the Government of Pakistan to give equal rights to the Baloch like other nations. Balochistan must have treated like other three provinces.


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