Students are also humans, not the machines”

Sarfraz Ali
Academic pressure is an experience in which students are overwhelmed by the efforts spent to meet high demands for achieving certain results such as CGPA, awards, scholarships, and so forth. In recent times, it can be seen that academic pressure has increased massively in the form of excessive exams, assignments, projects, and presentations. Furthermore, family’s and society’s high expectations add more to this pressure. This academic pressure leads a student towards stress, anxiety, and depression which badly impact over student’s performance and overall well-being. So as a result, most of the students give up or quit their studies. And also, due to academic pressure suicides have been attempted worldwide. Therefore, education and its institutes must be the source of growth and a bright future rather than stress, anxiety, and depression. And in this regard, Parents and society must reduce their high expectations to the extent that students can easily live up to them. Besides, the government in collaboration with educational institutes should make and implement policies that reduce academic pressure and help students achieve their goals more easily, efficiently, and effectively.

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