Compromise – Not Now

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Mian Rashid Asghar
The Education system and the Judiciary are not only the backbone of a society but they also play their vital social role like body and soul.If we demand that arrangements be made for the complete eradication of the mafia that has infiltrated this dear country to its roots, then everyone should be optimistic and make every effort to protect these institutions without any compromise. The real growth of these institutions will make our defense system invincible. At least, its annual budget for the next ten years should not be less than our defense establishment. The poet of the East, Allama Muhammad Iqbal said: [ Don’t despair, despair is the decline of knowledge and mysticism. The hope of the believing man is in the secret of God. No, your abode is on the dome of the Sultan’s palace. So there are kings, roosting in the rocks of the mountains. So , Education, Training and Justice are the basic rights of every individual in the society and no one can be deprived of it. Can’t do anything Why is the living funeral of justice and feeling being taken out from most of the institutions?Educational institutions should be more aware, vigilant and cautious than other sectors .The education system and the judiciary should be free from all interference. Education is associated not only with the future of nations but also with the rise and fall of countries and nations’ Success in this field opens the door to success in every field. Happily, the top 200 universities in the world include 3 Indian universities. There is no doubt that Azerbaijan is on the path to education in the 21st century. Everyone wants their children to be able to read, write and move forward to become a responsible citizen for welfare of their people.For this, from now on, the Pakistani government has to do much more at the official and public level. There is no doubt that although education is the basic right of every child in the world, the scarcity of infrastructure, shortage of teachers and high cost of education have not allowed every child to be adorned with education and poverty. Poverty chains have forced parents to send their children, home to work Prefer to insert .Only economically weaker children get education in government schools due to systemic shortcomings, while private educational institutions have broken the backs of economically strong people too.There is an urgent need for educational institutions and the judiciary to be up-to-date, where more research methodology is needed today.If this is not done, it will not only be tantamount to neglecting education, neglecting it and perceiving it as useless, but it will also be irrelevant to the future of an entire generation.The Corona virus has not only changed the basic structure of education, but has also disrupted the entire system. The method of online education was adopted in this Era was promoted at every level and was considered a matter of time, but according to a UNICEF report, one billion children were at risk of failing the test.But the government that time averted this danger by promoting children. It is easy to see what is the biggest flaw of the online education system.Online education is nothing more than for children to stay at home and stay connected to education, but it is not an alternative at all, although this method is better than staying away from education at all. The good thing is that despite the shortcomings and shortcomings, there was no opposition to online education, although the private sector turned it into an ‘opportunity’ but the people did not break their relationship with education under duress. It is now known what percentage of children benefited from this education system In urban areas, children continue to be involved in online education, although their complaints are that the teachers have done nothing but homework. They have come online to work and spend time. The situation of higher education institutions has been much worse , But its worst form has been seen in rural areas. Since the closure of educational institutions, rural children were completely deprived of education which has continued.Where five kilos of grain is eagerly awaited every month, the hope of Android mobile from them is meaningless.Therefore, along with the economic problem in the rural areas, networking difficulties have also been important. Due to the interruption of the education of these children, the education which was declared free for them by the Manmohan Singh government seemed to be extinguished. In the lockdown, the government could not save itself by talking about the online education system because it was like not having a system for these children.For the last one and a half years, these children have been living in dust instead of school, which kept their future in the dust.The government should not only look after the children of the urban and economically strong, they should be at the center.Corona has left no stone unturned. Universities are institutions of higher learning, Corona’s wrath emptied children from hostels. In such a situation, even the students of the universities had nothing left but online education. While these students are more aware than the younger children, their teachers are also among the intellectuals who are expected to fulfill their responsibilities. Darius will pay well, but even here the teachers did nothing more than house fairy Children could have benefited from online lectures but instead assignments and PDFs were preferred. In higher education institutions, both education and examinations could not go beyond the pre-school level. Did not happe In higher education institutions, financial arrangements were made by the government and in private institutions, patrons were collected from the guardians. If anyone was harmed, it was the children and education , Because of the new system, education like class was not possible, so instead of failing the exams, all the children were declared successful. Could not grow, the consequences of which they may have to suffer in the life to come In this case? the teachers, the government, the system and the patrons will not be able to help them because after the end of the Corona era, jobs will be found only on the basis of competitive examinations, but high school, inter and high school students in this matter. I will be weak, the biggest reason being that their foundation is weak.Will be on which the medicine of examinations depends.In such cases? it is important for the guardians to work harder for the future of their children so that they do not have to face failure in the future.During this period, research, especially in the field of art, suffered greatly ! Libraries remained closed and not every book was available online, yet there was pressure to complete it within the stipulated time.There is no doubt that when the education system is restored after the partial lockdown is over, its effects on research will be seen in it as well.Thus, from primary to Ph.D. the negative effects of corona / lockdown seemed to fall on the present as well as the future.But there is still a complete lockdown on educational institutions.Apart from the educational institutions, there is no sector where the effects of the end of lockdown are not visible but the educational institutions should not remain locked, something should be seen from somewhere.What is needed now is to get the educational institutions on track and to introduce the best education system in the classroom instead of the online mode. It would be tantamount to being considered wasteful, but would only look to the future of an entire generation, That is the primary responsibility.We have all taken great care to avoid the Corona epidemic, thus we must take great care at all times to save the education system and the justice system.In Canada, children from primary to high school spend about seven hours in school, about 200 days a year. These 1400 hours of school setting each year do not include extracurricular activities and home preparation work, such as homework. From an early age to adolescence, school is a place where children spend most of their days – and indeed, their lives. Before going to school, children’s primary source of socialization comes from their families.Socialization refers to the ongoing process of learning the expected attitudes, values, principles, and social skills of individuals who play a specific role in society. Agents of socialization are the social structures in which socialization takes place. Major agents of socialization include families and schools, but also the media, peer groups, and other large social institutions such as religion and the legal system. Furthermore, socialization can be divided into two types: primary socialization and secondary socialization. Basic socialization takes place within the family and this is where children first learn their individual identity, learn the language, and develop cognitive skills. Within the family, children are socialized through specific ways of thinking about ethics, cultural values and social roles. Of course, the socialization that results from basic socialization depends on the social class, ethnic, religious, and cultural background and attitudes of the family.Secondary socialization refers to the social education that children go through when they enter other social institutions, such as school. School characteristics, teachers, and peer groups all influence children’s socialization in school settings. The family is still an important part of children’s socialization, even as they enter school. However, there will now be other important people in children’s lives from whom they will learn social interaction skills.The development of the common good, where one child learns to adapt to the attitudes of the wider society, takes place in secondary socialization.A school setting is a place where a new character is taught as a student. When children start school, for example, they become social in order to obey the authority (ie teacher) and become students. The holistic socialization of children, as Bronfenbrenner’s theory, is scattered across different spheres that focus on different areas of the social context that children experience in their lives. Families and schools play an important role in socialization, but there are other systems of socialization within the ecosystem theory. The child interacts with many features of his environment which all contribute to the child’s social development. And the great consequence of socialization is also the theory of how all systems interact with each other. However, in this chapter, the main focus is on how schools contribute to the socialization of children.A major goal of socialization in school setting is to make the child socially capable. A child should develop skills that allow him to work socially, emotionally and intellectually in the school environment. Within the school setting, social competence is achieved when students adopt and achieve socially accepted goals. These goals (for example, learning to share, participating in lessons, working in groups), when embraced, also serve to integrate the child into social groups at school. Social acceptance is achieved when children accept the set goals of the school setting and are rewarded and strengthened on a regular basis by the social acceptance of teachers and other students.Socialization refers to the ongoing process of learning the expected behaviours, values, principles, and social skills of individuals who play a significant role in society. Message to the youth of the poet of the East! [ The sofas are Afrangi, the carpets are Iranian. The blood makes me cry.What is the Emirate, even if it is the glory of Khusrawi?Not the power of Haidari in you, not the salvation of Salmani…..Don’t look for it in the manifestation of modern civilization….That I found the ascension of Muslims in Istighna.When the eagle spirit awakens in the young men ‘..He sees his destination in the heavens – short story? ].When people lacking in knowledge, experience and aptitude are promoted to higher positions, they will be replaced by those who have the aforementioned skills.Now on the strength and security of the education system and the judiciary, the people are not willing to compromise because that are our permanent security & guarantors

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