Developed a Tablet that Replaces a Colonoscopy

Afaque Ahmed
According to the recommendations of the American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society), all people aged 50 years should undergo colonoscopy to screen for colorectal cancer. However, this procedure is peculiar, unpleasant and requires special training, so patients tend to avoid it. Check Cap Company is developing a product that allow screened for colorectal cancer by a procedure resembling a pill. Check Cap, led by medical engineer Yoav Kimchi, came up with a pill that contains a sensor that functions as X-ray machine or LIDAR system for cars with autopilot. The patient swallows the capsule, and when it gets to the intestine, it began to publish the signals in all directions, estimating the distance to the wall of the intestine. Thus, it receives the entire image of the internal surface of the intestine. Data is sent wirelessly to the label to track the movement of the capsule. According to the Check Cap procedure is no more dangerous than the two scans at the airport or an X-ray of the chest. The capsule is disposable, so it comes naturally, without medical supervision. Plaster patient passes the doctor and 10 minutes later received the 3D-image of the intestine. Kimchi believes that it is not only more comfortable for the patient, but also much more convenient for doctors than the examination of the intestine through the chamber at colonoscopy. Kimchi is working on the technology for more than 10 years. Check Cap capsule is now undergoing clinical trials in Europe. If they are successful, it is expected to enter the market next year. Tests for filing an application for registration in the US FDA Kimchi hopes to start in the next year and a half

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