Depression and mental illness

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Muhammad Amin
The number of people suffering from depression in Pakistan is 34% and there are about 500 psychiatrists for 220 million people due to this the treatment of mental illnesses is either not done on time then it is not possible but according to a report 90%. There is no cure for mental illness. An estimated 50 million people in Pakistan suffer from mental illness. These diseases include depression, intoxication, schizophrenia, dual personality, and traumatic mental and emotional stress. According to a survey, 36% of people in Pakistan suffer from anxiety and depression. In Pakistan, men commit more suicide than women due to stress and the rate is six to one. From 2022 to 2019, the suicide rate among men did not fall below 13%, while among women it dropped from 4.9% to 4.3%. According to the Pakistan Anti-Narcotics Force, heroin is the most popular drug and 77% of drug addicts are addicted to it. Those who venture into the world of drugs begin with marijuana, which is both cheap and readily available. 96% of young boys and girls in Pakistan start using drugs to join their friends and socially popular group of boys and girls. 90% of young people do it due to intense study pressure and 88% do it out of curiosity. The report states that the number of drug addicts in Pakistan is 7.6 million, most of whom are young men. Before it is too late, the government and civil society should work together to speak out against depression, mental health, failure and drugs in Pakistan.

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