Government should divorce India

M. Haroon Jatoi
Genocide is Blood game ,Genocide eats nations ,countries And even continents like doesnt come at eyes but Cuts the crops of hopes for any nation and its generation .Now days There fifth generation is not fought while Tearing the tanks and cleaning the guns ,The fifth generation is mostly Harming in the curtain of media ,political parties as well as relgious parties . Media : Many of Journalists ,anchors and Pain makers waste time of nation on tv while Giving thoughts which bite buds of nation like bees ,you wont believe but you Did listen the marvi sarmad ,irfana mallah ,Amar jaleel and Many Nana People sharing tablets of islamphobia on tv whose actions are less but Speeches and Sentences Can make you play ducks and drakes while thinking how They talked , cleaned teeth and proved lie as truth .That is not done On only electric media or print media but also done on social media ,if you can not beleive ,visit the group “nazryati takrar “,in that group people Are barking With their biggie tongues and attacking islam openly ,It is great pity that admins of that facebook group belong to islamic republic pakistan but Islamic parties of pakistan do Appear in only parties . Not that one group but a large number of pages is also run by Free minds of pakistan and their free minds need punishment free of cost . Political parties : When Media ‘s men keep mic infront of a politician ,he thinks as whole of pakistan is his heritage and he can run as he wishes . While talking they are prepared from home but do errors in no error while talking in order to attack the pakistan only ,in every month There a politician speaks some words which can get nation fight whole of month ,how many times the politician parties talked But if i mention here ,i will be mentioned in their tweets so Everyone is legend and can understand How the politicians playing genocide in order to make Us live in cloud cuckoo land . Religious parties : When france did wrong with islam ,muslims of Myanmar ,Kashmir or Palestine then every religious party used to act to answer everyone But now a days most of islamic parties in pakistan Only react when they are Not given what they want .I accept some islamic parties of islam pay their sweat But Most are cause of breaking the glasses of cars in pakistan ,If they want to record protest against india ,They must record but there is no need to Stick the match in pakistan .Where are the religious Parties Which commonly fought in Shape of shia ,sunni or other sect ?that question will remain a question.

every Pakistani should take diligence to stop that genocide especially world word war against Islam because Here we are in Islamic country . Islamic phobia In india : Approximately 10,000 people are killed in muslim and hindu war since 1947 ,that makes difference to him ,me ,her ,us and them ,That Looks bad and everyone has to pay attention to respect religion or faith of ayone because world is leaf of peace but tears tear hearts (which care of all Religions )when they hear that muslim was killed in india ,A muslim girl Was abashed by a party of india ,not one attack but days of every year bring A sad news for muslims even BJP talked against Holy Prophet S.A.W ,Why ?has BJP right to talk against islam is Nato asleep ?Remember that NATO won’t take action because Once secretary of NATO said “who says Wars are doused ?There is Islam ,we have to fight with that “,So Pakistan as well as other countries must act and leave the finger of NATO .Pakistan Govt must throw the chew gum and stand to go to talk in United Nations because That is attack on us ,That is Stone for Islam ,that action from india is genocide .Nations are not built with water ,gas and electricty but they are made with bashfulness ,if We can not sew the lips talking against Islam ,we should drown because Pakistan is islamic Pakistan and that is our right to fight for Our religion as well as Nation .

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