“Inflation in Pakistan seems to be rising more than a blazing forest fire”

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Advocate Abdullah Shah

It has been impossible to find a country without inflation, In many parts of the world, the scourge of inflation has left people in dire straits. The power of inflation has kept its mouth shut. Inflation in Pakistan seems to be rising more than a blazing forest fire, This terrible situation has gripped Pakistan as well, Prices for daily use things have multiplied in a few years.Education, medicine, rent, daily necessities are getting out of reach of the poor. Is there no health, no education, no housing for the poor? Many people are forced to commit suicide due to inflation. Poor people in the country are forced to sell their kidneys, while due to poverty and high prices, many parents have started selling their children and poor parents have been stabbing their children to death.Looking at this horrific and frightening situation of inflation, one can predict the future of this country and its people. According to the World Bank, rising food prices around the world could push millions of poor people further into poverty. In the last few years, the prices of daily necessities have gone up by 200%. Inflation and the food crisis are robbing the hearts of so many people of happiness and smiles all over the world. Inflation is high globally but if we talk about Pakistan then the prices of food items such as vegetables, pulses, meat and other items have touched the sky in our country Pakistan. Inflation is on the rise Is far away Inflation in our country has made life difficult for the people. What section of the society has not been directly affected by this spiraling inflation? Don’t even ask about the poor and working class, it has become difficult for them to light a stove.According to a recent UN report, inflation in the country has doubled in the last three years. The highest increase was recorded in food prices. And then because of this inflation, many lost their education due to poverty. In 2022, compared to 2021, the inflation of education increased by 20%. According to OCHA,Pakistan Market Monitor Report And CPI, inflation in pakistan increased by17.03% over 2021. That is why the scarcity and inflation of food items in the country is intensifying day by day which has squeezed the blood of the poor. The volatility of Pakistan’s economy is a source of instability. The rise in petrol, diesel and electricity prices is not only a sign of rising inflation but also a rise in begging and poverty. People are forced to live on their stomachs due to inflation.This wretched situation is giving rise to monopoly which is another cause of poverty in the society. That is why the lack of revenue in business and the consequences of international standards do not come to the fore. Pakistan’s business class is limited, due to lack of education the lower class and workers are not aware of their rights. The government has failed to organize the institutions.Government-run entities are being sold to foreign investors, commodities are being made expensive by creating artificial shortages in the market, commissions are being negotiated under monopoly schemes and finally all the burden is on the consumer. This is the reason why inflation and poverty are on the rise. There is a need to address these irregularities through thoughtful decisions.

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