Rejected faces have returned empty handed: Information minister

ISLAMABAD:  Information Minister Marrium Aurangzeb has said that the rejected faces of Pakistan have returned empty handed.

“People rejected them today. Imran Khan has slept in Banni Gala. Now he will not come out” She said this while talking to media men here Thursday.

She went on to say message has been received by Imran Khan today, therefore he has returned home empty handed. He had no people with him because Imran Khan is against the development of the country and jobs for people. But government has taken the measures and people will see the announcements soon.

Prime Minister (PM) Shahbaz Sharif will soon take difficult decisions and we will try to rectify the economy.

She held we know the treatment of what the land mines have been laid by Imran Khan.

She pointed out police and Rangers are still there in red zone. 18 Rangers and police men were injured a day before. PTI people kept on rioting by making the Supreme Court (SC) decision as excuse.

She added the decision for election is decision of government and allied parties. The coalition government will announce the schedule for the polls when it wills.

She claimed that their committee has not met and all the people ran away.

She held that sticks and arms were recovered from PTI marchers. Protecting the life and property of citizens is responsibility of the government.

She state were there 2 million people with Imran Khan. Imran Khan remained suspended in the air yesterday.

Today he is talking of anarchy too on container, she held.

She remarked PM Shahbaz Sharif is evolving plans for launching development projects.

People have rejected Imran Khan and all will come to know that he enjoyed no support of people, she underlined.

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