War of power and lust

Siraj Ahmed Abbasi
Globalization has not only facilitated the human being but also intensified the lust of power and status. In the preemptive period where people’s desire were to survive only with the basic needs. However, if we compare the erstwhile period with this globalization, where now every people has the resources to fulfill the basic needs. Instead of having such facilities, the desire has been transformed into the lust of power. Nowadays, everyone believes that without having power the society will not accept your hold, and somehow they are right in this saying, because this narrative has been indulged in their mind by some socially constructed hypothesis. It is not any crime to gain power but to gain it in a way where the constitution bounds that is problematic. If such things happen in a society, it will bring chaos, absurdity and mere anarchy. This lust of power starts from the peon to the supreme leaders, where there whole arguments and acts are just to gain the hold. Primarily, This lust of power and status start from our home, where we see one man hold. Secondary, we learn this from our society and furthermore, our education system is enough to fulfill the remaining blank with the appropriate lesson. We need to understand, why such inhumantarian laws has been imposed into the mind of youth. Unfortunately, the youth who prepare themselves for to be the part of executive body just because of having this social disease. We should be conscious to address this social disease, otherwise its ramifications will be too much haphazard for not only us, but also for upcoming generation.

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