Infinix all geared up to take the lead with all new NOTE 12 series!

The brand essence of Infinix, “The Future is Now” befittingly compliments its success journey despite severe competition and challenges in the local markets. With a range of power-packed devices up its sleeves, Infinix recently surprised the technology experts and consumers by the launch of Infinix Zero 5G – a device powered with MediaTek’s Dimensity 900 master processor which guarantees high-performance gaming experience. The device with its premium look not only managed to win praises for the supreme design, but consideration of its powerful processor, has set the perfect example for the competitors as well.

Another such example was set with the launch of its new gaming smartphone series – Infinix HOT 12 which successfully delivers next level multi-tasking and gaming experience to the users.
The brand further intensified the specifications by adding a a 90Hz refresh rate and a massive 5000mAh battery which is enough to last from dusk till dawn!
The success story of Infinix as the most loved smartphone brand in Pakistan clearly reflects the brand’s vision to equip its devices with everything that the user requires. And above all is the Infinix offering of highly equipped devices for all price segments and for all kinds of users.
In continuation to the wide range of its devices, Infinix is now all-set to launch the power-
packed Note 12 with ultra-gaming MediaTek Helio G96 processor – a move that could add the feather in the cap, as there remains no compromise on speed. Moreover, the device equipped with an extended RAM up to 13GB which aims to not only improve the processing speed but also adds value to multi-tasking for the users.
With the anticipation building high for the launch of Infinix NOTE 12 series smartphones, Infinix continues to extend its reign as the top ranked selling smartphone in Pakistan, and with the launch of its Note 12 series, it seems that the grip on that number one position will not get loose anytime soon!

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