Pir Koh: Water drastic shortage

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Aurangzeb Nadir
It hurts me to mentioned that in 21 century we are still deprived of basic rights and facilities. It is pity that the richest and largest province of Pakistan’s inhabitants longing for the drop of water.According to reports so far, more than 40 people have lost their lives and more than 300 people have been affected due to drinking contaminated water from ponds in Pir Koh area of Dera Bugti, whose condition is also critical. The death toll has risen sharply on a daily basis and the cholera epidemic has been steadily rising. There is no water available for people to bury their bodies and bathe them. People have been protesting for the last one week and expressing the seriousness of the situation. Human life has become miserable, people are groaning in pain, sorrow, and suffering.It is very shameful for our representatives and rulers that they are busy blaming one another and that citizens are dying due to a shortage of water. In district Dera Bugti largest reserve of gas are present despite it they are living the life of worse. So far satisfying steps are not taken from the state.Eventually, I request to the respective authorities and state be serious and take solid steps for their survival and I also plea social organizations to contribute your share.

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