Karachi blast

Haimgul Ganguzar Sajidi
Karachi being the biggest city of Pakistan is still the victim of many attacks by different groups. Yesterday a bomb blast took place in Saddar Karachi one person died and many other were injured. In this attacks seven cars burnt totally and thirteen people injured, most of them are in serious conditions. An improvised explosive device planted on a motorcycle went off just before midnight in the busy Saddar commercial area of the port city, said police and hospital officials. The victims were mostly passersby.The bombing was apparently targeting a van carrying Pakistani maritime security forces. The blast damaged several vehicles, including the van, and two of the security personnel were injured. So, Such attack’s may destroy foreign relations in term of business. The foreigners are in hot water at the moment, as they are fearful, because of the attacks as before few days a woman blast herself. Therefore it is a big that to be solved as soon as possible in order to maintain the peace in country.

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