Head of INSPAD urges not to involve Army into Politics


Islamabad,   (Parliament Times) : Think Tank Institute of Peace and Development (INSPAD) President Dr Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum has strongly appealed to the political and religious leadership and their parties not to bring the Army and its institutions into politics. The Army is the only strong national institution, If this institution becomes suspicious, nothing will be left. In a statement, he said that the pollution of politics has put the honor of both the country and the nation at stake. Politicians are blaspheming the army instead of resolving the country’s most complex issues, inflation, hostility in politics and intolerance together. Sardar Muhammad Tahir Tabassum has said that the principles of tolerance, nobility need to be adopted in politics and the supremacy of constitution and law should be established.
Instead of worsening the situation in the country, we need to focus on improving it and all the political parties should work together to solve the national problems with honor and dignity. He said that anti-national forces were active in full force and those who encouraged them could not be patriots.
He further said that if politics is to be done then rallies and processions should be held in support of Kashmir and against the massacre and atrocities of Indian forces. The jump continues for only chair.