Media men with influential woman malign administration of SBBWUP





PESHAWAR: An influential official with Indian education and unrecognised degrees has taken administration of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University Peshawar (SBBWUP) hostage with the help of her connections.

Ms Zohra Shahzad who failed the screening test of Assistant Registrar in 2010 was later appointed as Deputy Registrar directly and her connection helped her to become Additional Registrar soon.

The post of Registrar was kept vacant for years so that Ms Zohra Shahzad can work as Registrar and she was helped by the political elite to evade the orders of KP Govt and Higher Education Department (HED) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to get degrees of all the employees of the university verified, sources said.

The absence of verification of her documents is not only a security threat but also a gross violation of rules and regulations but she continues to enjoy all perks and privileges, they added.

In a bid to increase her influence, she has helped many through forged papers, illegal appointments and unlawful extensions and wasted a lot of government money to please the influential.

She is also connected to some media men who are used to malign the administration of the university but so far no action has been taken against her.

There are serious audit objections against her purchasing but for years she has not cleared the objections which is amazing.

After many complaints of wrongdoings, the Vice-Chancellor of the University removed her from the post of Additional Registrar and gave temporary charge to another person so that post of Registrar can be advertised and filled on merit which invited the wrath of Ms Zohra and she embarked upon a campaign to malign top officials of the university.

Insiders sadi that authorities should note the sorry state of affairs in the university so that it can work properly.