Khan Falls

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Sajid Ali Naich
Desperately, hostile towards PTI’s government successfully implanted their spiteful plan of no confidence motion against Khan. Soon after removal, Shahbaz Sharif was elected but various questions are raised, whether, he is elected or imported. From people, numerous positive reactions are seen which are significantly rational and imperative for Khan’s U- turn in government. Khan alienated himself, along his party members from the power of parliament, he snubbed out Court’s decision by disclosing a bitter fact that Court delay in justifying indigents, as justice delayed is Justice optimistically denied. Subsequently, no matter, how Khan was naive in stint of politics but it was barbaric to call an emergency. However, Khan has planned to carry out rallies, in most of major cities of the country and is in brim preparation to swipe out seats in parliament. The dismaying part is, he is bare P.M in Pakistan’s history who was knocked out with no confidence motion. Well, it is time for vengeance but in boundary of respect forth constitution and court of law. Most of the T.v channels and social media users favor Khan and advocate his each step. Who will be victor in debating furnace of election sphere in coming year?

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