Education System of Balochistan

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Education is the most powerful weapon which we use in the world unfortunately, the education system of Balochistan is so much deteriorating and also the students are failed to get quality education. On the other hand there are many schools and colleges where nothing is provided. Students are compelled to continue their classes under the trees. If there is a boundary then you could not see any teacher but they still receive their salaries regularly. Furthermore, it is very bad to write that the education officers of Balochistan has failed to visit schools and colleges to handle educational matters. Many students who come from villages to cities are spending much money every month to continue and achieve their education. But, they are not being facilitate appropriately like a pupil neither they are being taught well. Education System in Balochistan is so much low, It is impossible for a student to continue his studies to be a good a student. As today the education is the main source of getting knowledge but the education sector is unable to fulfill all wishes of the students. Education can change our society but nobody think to serves us to continue our education. I request all educational authorization as well as the government to visit all schools and colleges and provide them their basic requirements.

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