Child’s Labour

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Asadullah Gadani Balouch
It is believed that children are considered the identity of the future of any nation. But unfortunately in every province of Pakistan, millions of children are deprived of education and are forced to work hard to improve their family’s economic conditions. These innocent children whose hands should have pens and books are seen working in hotels, factories, fields, carpet founder industries and other private institutions. Hundreds of children appear to pick up paper in areas of dirt. This is a dangerous situation that can be estimated that despite the guarantee of the constitution, children’s education is not being paid attention. Most families in Pakistan are living below the poverty line, they have no choice but to send their children to work so that they can increase family income. Rising inflation day by day affects the poor and backward class of society the most. You see innocent children working at every place, they look hard at shops, they are taken into private institutions, buses, mini buses, they perform the duties of the conductor. They work in the fields. The question is, who is responsible for darkening the future of these children? Their parents or state? Often parents are unable to educate children due to poverty it is also a complex social and economic problem that is not addressed. Parents’ duties include educating their children, but parents who do not have the money to pay for their home are forced to work with their children. In these situations, it is the duty of the state to save these children from the clutches of cruel forced labor, to give them economic stability to keep the poor parents alive with respect, such poor parents who are not able to teach their children should get their benefits.In sindh, balochistan and many parts of the country, there is a brutal system of forced labor in the agricultural economy that reminds the era of ignorance.People who set up the fields, women, children are bought and sold, they are kept in chains, it is not enough to protest this cruel system, but the government and its institutions should take action. It is also important to make a law, but the real task is to implement the law, which is always avoided in our country. The fact is that child labor has become a serious problem, especially in the country where there is no problem of people’s rights, who remembers the rights of children there. In order to eliminate child labor system, political and religious parties, human rights institutions, members of civil society and judiciary also have to play their role. To create a strong and stable Pakistani nation, print and electronic media will also have to play their role to save innocent oppressed children from the cruel system and to protect the rights and interests of children, members of parliament will have to make ideal legislation. It is also in the national interest to implement the rules of forced labor and to get the desired results.

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