Boundless Blessings

Muhammad Afzal
Blessings are assets, gifts and important commodities of Allah. Our entire earth is teeming with countless endowments. These bounties are of the utmost importance because they help live a comfortable life. Additionally, they make our life complete and productive. Apart from that, our life is quite difficult and taxing if these valuable entities are not available nearby us. Moreover, the gifts are also inside the belly of land named minerals. Minerals are vital for many key purposes. Firstly, minerals enormously contribute to the prosperity of the nation. The economy of a nation/country is weak if its minerals are limited and scarce. Pakistan ranks at the top regarding the amount of mineral availability. Despite the teeming blessings, resources management is seriously poor in Pakistan. It severely impairs the country thriving capacity. Likewise, the leaders are immensely incompetent and corrupt. They embezzle due funds and misuse them for personal usage. Resultantly, people’s confidence in the state hugely declines. The citizens resort to unfair and immoral practices which are hazardous to the nation’s stability. Additionally, the crime rate and anarchy significantly rise in such countries. This situation is fatal to the overall progress. Every country chiefly relies upon the up-gradation of people, nations and countries. However, these corrupt practices negatively impact the survival of the country. In a nutshell, Pakistan is massively full of countless endowments of Allah. However, their just use is colossally missing. Most of our leaders are biased and scoundrels. They usurp significant budgets and misapply to individual purposes.

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