Poor Education system of Balochistan

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Sana ullah Dashti
Balochistan is Pakistan’s largest province in terms of land forming the 46.7 percent of total area of the country. It is also the richest land blessed with numerous resources. Despite being richest the province, it is plagued with numberless crisis. For-instance water crisis, unemployment, non-existent healthcare system, child labour, drug addiction are faced hurdles which need to be addressed. But except these, the most pressing one is lack of education system which has kept the indigenous deprived inhabitant from constitutional and basic rights. Education is necessary for every individual to know the principles of life. Even, Islam says about a great importance of education because the world of awareness which takes you get rid of wildness certainly, is education. About education intellectuals say, ” Giving food to a poor may abstain him or her from some days hunger but providing education may travel through their generations and take out them from the swamp of poverty. But the most disheartening is that I am compelled to say literacy rate in Balochistan is the lowest in entire country with 44 percent which is saddening. And it means 66 percent of children are out of the reach of schools. It is estimated that 69 percent of children from 5 to 6 age are out of schools and are indulged in child labor and other daily wage works. Moreover, In 2021 the organization (Education and professional training) revealed that Pakistan’s largest province Balochistan has the highest proposition of out of school children.The only reason why Balochistan has the highest illiteracy rate of out of schools children is the long-standing neglection of government over education system in the province. The government has never shown sincere strives to boost up the enrollment of out of school children. The figure of 1.8 million out of schools children, as social workers says, is expected to increase.Let me bring it in awareness, Balochistan has around 13,000 governmental schools, 2,500 are for the girls and the other 10,500 are for the boys respectively. On the contrary, the province is home to 10 million people.Furthermore, most of the schools are in appalling condition lacking very basic facilities. Such as infrastructure, boundaries , electricity, toilet, and most importantly pure drinking water . Keeping in view, one will be compelled to mull over what Balochistan government has done for the education of the youths. Even a large number of teachers are unqualified who have come by recommendations.It can be seen that a teacher in a school attends class of too many students under trees since there is lack of classrooms.According to the recent estimation of international labor organization (ILO), 10 million children are labour and as per the estimate, 34.3 of the youths are illiterate in Pakistan on the top of that comes Balochistan. The illiterate children and illiterate youths both are the obstruction to progress and peace in Balochistan.There are thousands of teachers who exist in the papers of government and taking salaries but remain absent on their duties even some are doing job aboard.There are thousands of male and female children who intend to pursue their study but do not get the opportunity to fulfil their dream.The article 25-A states, “The state shall provide free and compulsory education to all children aged 5 to 16 years but state in Balochistan fails to provide education to it’s children and youths.” Despite that the government bats no eye over it.The government of Balochistan is requested to pay special heed towards education and eradicate all those problems of education system which exist within it.


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