Aurangzeb Nadir
Chaghi district is the largest district of Pakistan in terms of area. Chaghi has the best topography in Balochistan. It is located in the west of Balochistan and shares borders with Iran and Afghanistan. The district has innumerable natural resources including gold, silver, copper, iron, marble, and various precious stones. Because of these minerals, Chaghi is known worldwide as the Golden Sparrow. A tragic incident took place in the Chaghi district yesterday, which is indescribable. The bodies of three drivers have been recovered from the border desert of Balochistan and Afghanistan. On the other hand, there are reports that in the border desert adjacent to Nokandi, the vehicles were confiscated by the forces and the drivers were subjected to severe torture and left helpless in the desert. A driver told local journalists that Pakistan Army personnel had put sand in the radiators of about 200 vehicles in the deserted border area, removed the batteries, and left the drivers helpless. “After a six-hour walk, we found a vehicle that took us to Nokondi. There are a lot of drivers on the border in this heat, hungry and thirsty,” he said. It is a pity that when such an incident takes place in Balochistan, justice is not provided but violence and firing are carried out when justice is sought. Similarly, when the FC personnel indiscriminately opened fire on the protesters against the Dick tragedy in Chaghi yesterday, as a result of which 8 persons were seriously injured, two of whom are in critical condition.This is not the first time but many such incidents have taken place before. Unfortunately, the people of Balochistan are not considered human beings, not even animals. The unemployment rate is very high due to which the livelihood of the people here is related to the border but when they go to the border to earn a living, they are treated as enemies at the hands of their force and not by anyone else. A picture on social media circulating in which the bodies of three drivers are lying in the desert, this picture was showing the scene of Karbala.Our leader claims that this is the state of Madinah, but in the state of Madinah where human life has no value. The state of Madinah was that, If a dog dies of starvation on the banks of the Euphrates, it will be responsible, Hazrat Umar said. But here human has lost their life due to hunger and poverty but the ears of our ruler are not crawling. Another sad fact is that whenever incidents take place in Balochistan, the Pakistani media never makes them the ornament of the news but when a dog or a donkey dies of starvation in Punjab so breaking news becomes. One thing is clear that Balochistan is not considered a part of Pakistan and its inhabitants are not human. Justice should be provided but there is no such thing as justice for the people of Balochistan in this country. But on the day of resurrection, my Lord will surely take account of each one.

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