Education as a social or youth development agenda

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Irsa Malik
Education is central to development and to the improvement of the lives of young people globally. Every child has the right to education and must be able to read and write as they grow. This is statement that every nation in the world has in its Constitution.Education has become an essential factor in the modernization of production systems and economic behavior of individuals. It cannot be denied that knowledge is a power. People without education are like weapons without bullets. Education is important in eradicating social issues. It is the medium for the youth to quench their thirst and realize their potentials and capabilities. Knowledge and education are key factors to the full and effective participation of youth in the process of social, economic and political development. It plays a key role in the youth development. It propels the youth in the right, proper and straight direction. Its insufficiency or absence may lead one to choose improper path of life. There are many opportunities for youth in the field of education. They can learn and seek knowledge in the every possible way. Education creates confidence, self grooming, independency, ability to compete and to contribute towards the nation. It provides best career opportunities for the youth. They can achieve career goals of their own choice. Today is the age of technology. Technology has introduced online education system. The online education system promotes new skills. It provides opportunities of online-tutoring for the Educators. There are opportunities for the youth to participate also in extracurricular activities. Many Scholarship and Internship programs have been introduced in the field of education to support the youth. They can engage with international educational institutions and get many opportunities at international level through these scholarship programs. The field of education provides many opportunities for learners as well as the mentors. Further, behavior refinement and biodiversity are the two key developments the youth can achieve through education. The youth can become productive, scientific oriented, broad-minded and ideal citizens of society with proper education.

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