Will a new dawn kick off?

Naseebullah Khan
It is March 31, 2022. A no trust motion has tabled in the National Assembly of Pakistan against prime minister Imran Khan. The combined opposition proved the majority and looks like that sunday will be a D_day for opposition. The fate of Imran Khan as prime minister looks dismal. At pressent almost all political parties of Pakistan including many MNAs of PTI have united againt Imran Khan during whose tenure the country has faced setbacks in myriad of fields. The economy of the country has detracted. Political instability is on the peak. Abusive culture has predominantly created hatred among the laymen. On foreign policy front, the incumbent government has failed to safeguard the interests of the country whereas, the institutional imbalance and bad governance have further stigmatized the state. Right and left, nationalist and religious, local and national almost all parliamentary and main parties of the country have joined their hands with one another and it looks like that the next government will take a shape of national one. Once Imran Khan is ousted and the reign of the government goes to combined opposition the questions will rise: 1. Will a new dawn start in Pakistan which has been in quagmire for long? 2. Will blame game and tug of war end? 3. Will previous mistakes be repeated? 4. Will political leadership strategize a new economic and political contract? 5. Will the issues of institutional imbalance resolve? 6. Will the suffocation of media be stopped and that will media play its traditional rule along with saying no to negative agenda setting, rating, propaganda, and commercialism? 7. Will democracy further evolve? 8. Will the supremacy of parliament be accepted? 9. Will establishment be neutral? 10. Will thousends of cases pending in lower and higher courts be decided soon? The answers of these queries are uncertain and gloomy.

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