Americas Addiction to Regime Change

 Why does the U.S. opt for regime change over and over when its own experience has been mostly terrible since the end of WWII?

Mohammed Khaku
Why does the U.S. opt for regime change over and over when its own experience has been mostly terrible since the end of WWII? Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said a move to oust him from office – regime change back by USA was success foiled.Regime change in Pakistan is terrible, and Biden administration policy toward Pakistan flawed. Why Regime change? USA has been very critical of Imran Khan’s visit to Moscow, trade relation with China, Belt and Road initiative, implementation of China Pakistan Economic Corrido (CPEC), refusal to provide military base and not supporting US-led alliance against Russia.Washington can deny as much it wants, but looking back in the history of Pakistan when Prime Minister Zulfikar Bhutto refusal to abandon Pakistan’s nuclear program led to his execution. Few years late General Zia died in a mysterious plane crash for which many Pakistanis blame the US, on the grounds that Zia was not trust worthy and a liability for Washington.The record of U.S.-sponsored regime change/interference around the globe has been bloody and ugly.Last week President Biden himself called for removing Russian President Putin by saying: “For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power.”There are numerous and well written books and op-ed columns about American regime change/ interference history. In 1953, Iranian Prime Minister Mosaddegh was removed in a coup orchestrated by the US to take control over Iranian oil. Remember Trump wanted to cease Iraq oil fields.Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba of Congo and Salvador Allende President of Chile both were removed and executed with the involvement of the CIA just because they pursued the socialist policies.While several failed military attempts were also made by US to remove Cuban President Fidel CastroThe list is very extensive from Nicaragua to Guatemala, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ecuador, and among others in the book “Rogue State” by William Blum.With such a legacy, one can be assured that the CIA was orchestrating the removal of Imran Khan’s government.However, conducting a regime change in the month of Ramadan was a foolish ideal and it is unlikely Biden objectives would materialize instead it has backfired.Biden administration is blind, and dumb because of military arrogance and addiction of regime change.Any change of leadership in Pakistan cannot deviate from the country’s strategic interests of Kashmir and good relationship with China, Iran and Russia. The political turmoil that has been unleashed around the globe due to US interference and policy of divide and rule.US could not have won the cold war given the extensive record of regime change policies, covert actions and interference in the elections of other countries around the globe.Addiction to regime change in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria has left five countries in ruin and civil war.US further punishes the people of these countries with sanctions out of frustration with the debacle of its regime change.One does not have to look further than Afghanistan and Yemen where over 30 million people are on the brink of famine.Regime change is a dangerous and destructive policy, and forcibly changing the government of another state makes civil war more likely.Our government will never learn anything from the debacles in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya, and we can expect more misguided policies in China, Ukraine and Pakistan.The use of military, and economic power for regime change has wedged US in a quagmire of its own making. The regime change has many consequences such as the population is at the mercy of armed gangs, proliferation of weapons, and does not make neighboring countries borders any safer due to influx of refugees. The neo-cons like John Bolton who are proponent of regime change are known as arsonists, however they eager to pose as firefighters once they get the blaze started.US advocates for policies of proxy wars because of Zionist lobby in support of Israel, and they exaggerate national security threats to justify U.S. interference in other countries’ affairs.No government would give in to the excessive demands that the U.S. has made on Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, and other countries.If the U.S. didn’t concoct that it had “vital” interests in every corner of the globe, it would have no pretext for threatening to overthrow other governments. While so-called “rogue” and pariah states may have very bad governments, but we have no legitimate reason to try to overthrow their governments.Regime change is a reckless and radical goal. US government has no right to regime change. It is a gross violation of the sovereignty and independence another country. U.S. has meddled in the affairs of numerous nations not because they threatened us but because we think that we are the sheriff of the world.We need to Speak Up, Silent No More, to check our desire to interfere into other nations’ internal affairs.Regime change is just another foolish desire of military industrial complex, neo-cons and Zionist to dominate the world. We need to hold our elected officials accountable or we will continue the unnecessary wars, regime change and sanctions which only effects the poor civilians.

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