Inflation in Pakistan

Pari Karim Sajide
As a matter of fact, Inflation is increasing Day by day due to Which the public is extremely in trouble. The Price of essential commodities such as rice, Dal, wheat, oil, vegetables and more are the amount is rapidly increasing as per kilo of rice is sold 150 and 120. It has already gone beyond The buying capacity of them. Secondly, Mustard Oil is currently selling 170 per KG but is many cause it is found adulterated fish which is now scarcely adulterd in the market is selling ver dear. As the high rates of rising price of food stuff and essential commodities are causing great hardship to the people of Classes. Approximately due to high inflation in the city many people are commiting suicide as they earn very meagre which can’t fulfill their basic needs. Lastly, I request the government to take strong actions towards inflation in the city.

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