Psychological disorder in students should be prevented: VC LUMHS

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By Rehan Ali Khushik

DADU:  Prof. Dr Ikram u Ddin Ujjan, the Vice Chancellor of LUMHS-Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro has emphasized to treat the patients and prevent the societies from the increasing ratio of psychological problems / mental health disorders in Pakistan. He stressed the alarming situation of psychological issues among people. He suggested that there was a only way for human development after solving psychological issues of the individual, groups and societies.

The Vice Chancellor -LUMHS Jamshoro, Prof Dr Ikram U Ddin Ujjan has inaugurated the First Ever in Pakistan, Center for Psycho Social and Academic Wellbeing at the academic block in Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences Jamshoro.

Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the first ever in Pakistan, Center for Psycho social and academic Wellbeing, VC LUMHS said that people’s social and psychological problems will be heard and solved at this center.
He said that Psychological disorder in students should be prevented and carrier counselling is mandatory of students guidance.
He said that renowned Professors and Doctors were assigned to hear and solve the psychological problems of the communities along with students and staff members by adopting modern technologies and patterns related to the medical field.

He said that LUMHS Jamshoro had a history of establishing this center for Psycho social and academic wellbeing and it is the first center across the country. He said that not only medical students, staff members of the university will be benefited but LUMHS offers to the nation to be benefitted them as a human service.

He said that students of LUMHS Jamshoro already earned name and fame not only in the country but across the country through their hard work honestly in the medical field. He said that under his leadership, LUMHS Jamshoro was moving towards its development.

He highlighted the mental health disorders issues among people and societies and said that it became a challenge globally and mentally health disorders are complex and can take several forms.

He stated that the current statics 0f 2021-22 about mental health disorder globally conducted by different medical field related international agencies said that 1 in 5 adults live with mental illness, 1 in 25 adults live in serious mental illness globally. He said that 50 % of chronic mental illness start before 14 years of age and 75% of chronic mental illness starts by age of 24.

He further said that just over 10 million people over the age of 18 have more than 1 addiction or mental health disorder. He describing the globally figures with current statics said that 264 million people are facing depression, 284 million people are facing anxiety disorder, 46 million people are facing bipolar disorder, 20 million people are facing schizophrenia and 970 million people are facing any mental or substance use disorder, 107 million people are using alcohol use disorder and 71 million people are facing drug use disorder.

He said that according to surveys of 2017, 792 million people were involved in the mental health disorder globally, in which 9.3 % are males and 11.9% are females. He said that with standards of provincial health department, Health Department Pakistan and WHO standards, the first ever in Pakistan, Center for Psycho social and academic Wellbeing will remain successful. He advised the people and society to come and have a visit for treatment and solutions of psychosocial problems and mental health issues. He announced that renowned doctors and professors will also conduct research and surveys in Psychological related issues with people in different parts of Sindh, later to other provinces of the country to help the provincial and federal government.

Prof Munwar Allam Ansari dean faculty of Basic sciences, Prof Khalida Naz Memon Dean faculty of Community Medicine, Prof Ashok Kumar Nasrani, Dean Faculty of Surgery, Prof Samreen Memon Director Academic, Prof Moin Ansari chairman department of Psychiatry, Prof Shahida Memon, Prof Salma Memon, Dr Asif Gulzar, Director IPRS Dr Pir Shahid Jan Sarhandi, Additional controller Sajan Halipoto, Director student affairs Mehboob ul Haq, campus administrator Dr Jamil Junejo and other faculty members were present on that occasion


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