Book Review: Reading Faster

Syed Ali Hyder Shah Jillani
Do you want to improve your reading speed, so that you may cover your course as well as other book in limited time, then Reading Faster by Edward Fry is perfect for you. It is a drill book by Cambridge University. It describes, what is speed reading and why it is important. It explains some of the bad habits most of us make during reading, which reduces our speed.This book is not theoretical but is practical. There are 30 passages of comprehension. When you start reading passages, you must count time, because your speed will be calculated by charts given in the book. This book will not only improve your reading speed but your comprehension skills will also be enriched. All of the passages given in the book are health related, which means you are going to learn a lot after completing this. This is a drill book, which is being used in many best institutes of the world. I completed this book and improved a lot. I highly recommend you to read this book to improve your reading speed. Note: This book can be obtained by requesting at [email protected]

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