Fatima and the scholarship

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Alia Asadullah
Fatima rushed in the house after school with her twin brother announcing excitedly about the scholarship for free studies.” Our school is providing us free study scholarship. There will be a test conduct after one week, only three students with top marks will win the scholarship.” claimed Fatima. Fatima and her brother were classmates. Fatima was a studious student and brilliant at extra curricular activities vice versa her brother Ajaz was never serious about his education. The extra love that Ajaz got from his family and relatives made him lazy. By the time Fatima announced about scholarship, her aunt was there. She was there for a visit with her son Ahmed. Fatima’s aunt reacted,” Fatima’s do not waste your time on the scholarship when it is obvious you will not pass it. You will surely get heartbroken.” Ahmed and Ajaz giggled. ” Instead I suggest Ajaz to to take a test for scholarship, I am damn sure he will make us proud.” ,added her aunt. Upon experiencing such an embarrassment, Fatima’s excited face turned sad. She got upset and ran to her room. Fatima’s mother was watching all this scene. Fatima’s mother loved her very much and always supported her daughter. She was always there when Fatima needed her. The mother went to Fatima’s room and sat near her. Fatima’s tears flowed on her cheeks. Her mother huged and told her not to cry and stay strong.” My dear daughter do not cry. I know it is tough but you have to stay strong. In life, you will face enormous hurdle and this is one of them. If you want to end it, you have to stay firm. You have to prove yourselves to those who say you can’t. I believe in you my girl, pull your self together and go ahead. Take the test and prove your capability and strength.” suggested her mother. As Fatima listened to her mother’s advise, her broken heart healed up. She thanked her mother and promised her to work hard for the scholarship. Henceforth, Fatima worked hard day and night while her lazy brother never opened his books. On the test day, Fatima took the test very well. While the results came, Fatima brust into delightful tear. She was selected while Ajaz was not. She went home and huged her mother directly, telling her the good news. From that day on her aunt Hever degraded her. No one ever belittled her.

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