AJK to celebrate Pakistan Day – March 23 with full fabulous zest

Altaf Hamid Rao.

MIRPUR (AJK),  (Parliament Times) : Azad Jammu & Kashmir is all set to celebrate the sanctified Pakistan Day on Wednesday – March 23 with a newest resolve to smash the manacles of the tyrannical Indian invaders—making them quit the illegitimately occupied part of the paradise on earth instantaneously, it was officially said.

Adequate arrangements have been given final touches across AJK as well as in occupied Jammu & Kashmir to celebrate Pakistan with traditional zeal and fervor coupled with renewal of the pledge to continue the struggle for freedom of occupied Jammu & Kashmir from Indian yoke and accomplish the dream of accession of entire Jammu & Kashmir state to Pakistan”, official sources told this Correspondent here on Monday.

In Azad Jammu Kashmir the day will be celebrated in a befitting manner. National flag of Pakistan will be hoisted atop all small and major private and public buildings. Various private social, political and public representative organizations are actively engage in giving final touches to special programmes to celebrate the Pakistan day.

The scheduled special Pakistan day flag-hoisting ceremonies in all small and major cities of the liberated territory will be the hallmark of the day. The major ceremonies will be held in all ten district headquarters of AJK including Muzaffarabad, Neelam valley, Mirpur, Bhimbher, Kotli, Bagh, Sudhnoti and Rawalakot, Hattiyaan and Haveili districts.

In lake district of Mirpur , the major national flag hoisting ceremony will be held at Mirpur Municipal Corporation’s lawn Wednesday morning where AJK Minister for Electricity and Commissioner Mirpur division Ch. Muhammad Raqeeb are reportedly scheduled to hoist Pakistan and AJK flags at the colorful ceremony to be attended by large number of people belonging to all walks of life besides officials of the local authorities.

A well-uniformed contingent of AJK Police will present salute to the national flags of Pakistan and AJK.

A grand ceremony to observe Pakistan Day will be held at the State run Mirpur University of Science & Technology, Main Campus on Wednesday under the auspices of the varsity where speakers will highlight the significance of the historic day.

With a dazzling zest to affix their destiny with Pakistan at all costs, the day will dawn with special prayers at Fajr, in the mosques on both sides of the fragile LoC—standing between the kin—by bowing before Almighty Allah, The Most Gracious n’ The Most Merciful for the evaporation of the obstacle so that the Kashmiris could establish interaction with each other freely—which is palpable only with the exit of the intruders—the Indian troops from the Indian Illegally occupied Jammu n’ Kashmir State.

They will also pray for the translation into reality of the resolution of July the 19th in 1947—adopted at the Srinagar residence of Sardar Mohammad Ibrahim Khan, wherein the pragmatically represented 70-stalwarts assemblage of Kashmiris—with Ch. Hamidullah Khan in the chair—had resolved with one voice to link the destiny of the State with Pakistan alone ‘because the heartbeat of Kashmiris has been, is and would continue to remain synchronized with their Pakistan brethren alone.

The people of the Jammu & Kashmir state – living in Azad Jammu Kashmir and Indian Illegally occupied Jammu & Kashmir plus elsewhere will simultaneously pray for the stability, security, affluence and swift progress of Pakistan and for the early success of the Kashmiri’s freedom movement.


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