The British invasion of Balochistan.


shab??r Bash??r.
Today I want to talk about the 13 November 1839. Baloch nation remember this day as martyrs day. This is the day , British which was known as British empire invaded on Baloch nations, occupied their land . but friends, Lets know what are reasons which compelled British to come and occupy them? And what were the internal problems of Baloch that they could not defend the British? And what was the fattle of Baloch nations before British government in bochistan? Let’s discuss these all questions.In 1839 ,british empire and Russia empire had organized a organisation, named’ great game’. There were aslo few nations existed who could not protect themselves from this organisation. They lost the state of being independent. Balochistan and sindh were among these nations who were actually not the part of great game. But they could not protect them from great game. So the talk of great game has been mentioned. now along with this ,lets keep a glance at the situation of hindustan and Afghanistan at that moment . Let me take you few more years back that east india company was completely controlling on hindustan which has given a huge boost up to british empire because east India company was completely about to destroy hindustan. That’s why the economy of British empire became strong. Because of increased economy, also the number of British military increased up. At the other hand, other political powers were France of Napoleon and Russia of zar. They could not ignore the fact of British being strong enough. They aforementioned if we want to stop British empire from being more strong, We must destroy at what is giving it powerful. For example, indain colonies must been taken from British empire which are strength of British empire. Russia had a wish from the era of ‘Peter the great’ to reach at the warm waters of indian oceans. At other other side, Napoleon did not like his this idea Beacuse , French and british colony had been taken away from napoleon. So , he decided to attack at British colonies which were existed in Egypt and saiya for the revenge as well as he wanted to make his relationships good enough with iran to again occupy on British and indain colonies. In 1815 a war happened in Waterloo where napoleon got defeated. And France as a British empire treat got newterilzed . But Russian did not reach at that level. In here in India, New Delhi administration started worrying about Russia is coming towards central Asia . If Russia comes after central Asia towards Afghanistan. So Indian administration focused on Afghanistan because, if Russia reaches in Afghanistan, It will be easier for them to reach at warm oceans of India. They can also occupy india to destroy the indian and british colonies which had boasted up the economy of british empire. So British empire sent their intelligence amry to Afghanistan . That intelligence amry was sent to stop Russia in Afghanistan. It must not come across Afghanistan to destroy the Indian and British colonies. And Afghanistan played a bumper zone between British empire and Russia empire. As talk is now on Afghanistan, we must keep a glance at internal conditions of Afghanistan. During this era , there was something happening like this ,Shah sojah must be replaced with some one else as the king of shah sogah left Afghanistan and reached at Lahore to east India company’s under. Afghani made meer Amer dost as the king of kabul. According to reports, intelligence officers which been sent to Afghanistan came to know that there was internal problem in Balochistan where khan of kalat and other powerful sarders were fighting and killing one each other. And a tough time is going there for balochs. And British knew it while being in Afghanistan that if Russia occupy these Balochland can easily use them against British empire. So British decided they will themselves take the control these places Later on, some agreements had been accepted among Ran jet, shah sogah and meer ameer to again install shah sojah as the king of khabul. A indus amry got organized for this. British empire realized the importance of Balochistan. And they sent mr left hand Leach to kalat to talk with khan of kalat to be a part of British empire. But this plan could have not been successful. The khan of kalat did not accpet these arrangement because the khan of kalat was bounded in the culture values of Baloch. Again in march 1838 , the British empire sent there one man named Alexander to khan of kalat , he said , “British empire accepted him as the khan and ruler of kalat. But as shah sojah to be inastalled at Afghanistan , a indus amry will enter in Balochistan through sindh. This amry will go to Afghanistan. So when this amry will pass from here, nothing should not happen to them. In return of this , British empire will pay countless money for 15 years to khan of kalat”. This argerrments had been accepted between khan of kalat and british empire. But something had wrong happened on this argerrments that a attack had been on indus amry while they were passing from Quetta. According to Baloch, behind this attack is involved a wazeer of Khan of kalat. The plan of attack was taken in not presence of khan of kalat. Khan of kalat was not appeared about this attack. British empire used this against of Khan of kalat did not go according to this agreements which are clearly accepted by the both nations. And the governor of British empire, mr lord Oakland sent a letter to khan of kalat to surrender that you have not gone according to the agreements. But as we knew the Baloch, they did not surrender. Also this was the speciality of khan of kalat, he didn’t surrender. And later a indus amry had been sent to Balochistan to attack on the khan of kalat. Khan of kalat and his all 500 to 700 had been kiiled by British empire. But expect of this talk, A question to think that a khan who is the ruler of a state is only having 500 to 700 to fight with a powerful indus amry. Lets discuss the internal conditions of Balochistan to find out the answer of this Question. The problem was that wazeers of khan of kalat were external who belonged from Afghanistan , in fact they didn’t have any emotion attachments with the culture values of Baloch . Also the relationship of khan of kalat with the other sarders of Baloch tribes was completely bad. In most of place the sarders were also fighting against khan of kalat.Those wars between them destroyed the economy and military of Balochistan. Also those sarders were not interested to work under leaders of kalat who were mostly afghani. that’s why this state became so weak.that Only 500 to 700 peoples were fighting against British amry. Therefore British empire got profits from the internal problems of Balochistan.