The Bitter Reality of the Women’s March

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Zunaira Riaz
The most dangerous women’s march in Pakistan with poverty, inflation and growing virus is for which women are taking to the streets and protesting against their rights, demanding rights which are not acceptable. Then a case was filed regarding this march Which was rejected and it was said that they are all demanding the same rights that Islam has already given them. Islam has given them rights but not the state of Pakistan and not the people living in these constituencies who In the mind of a woman who lives only on the doorstep of the house and has won the restrictions that are piled up. Now what are the demands of these women? Don’t be raped, share in the inheritance. Don’t burn with acid, don’t be beaten and no decision should be made by force. What this means in the eyes of these women is that they should not be subjected to any kind of oppression or persecution, but the meaning of these words in their minds in the society is very different from what people think. As soon as they hear it, they come down to me. The people who are supporting it and those who are not doing it both come down to the field to discuss their opinion. If they talk about the political party, then the party. Islami also protested in support of it. They also do not disagree with this movement. There is a difference between slogans and bold intentions. Yet JUI’s statements prove that they also object to their demands. I am not against women’s march. Women have been given their rights by Islam. Now it is up to the society to give them their rights. In my view, since the beginning of the Women’s March, there has been only an increase in incidents. To kill that woman in the name of honor. Rape of innocent girls. Throwing newborn girls in the trash. Slapping a seven-day-old girl. Two months to cut daughter’s throat. Rape of a six-month-old baby girl. And then the day-to-day culprit. The number of such cases is increasing and our government is not taking any action and is not making any policy. For the same security, if it is said that women are marching, would they agree? What if you think about it all for a minute? The man is committing more crimes because he knows that there will be no result of the women’s march but yes we have no one to ask in this country. In the policies here. Please make policies in our country under which women’s march should be within a certain limit. Such slogans should not be used. According to everything, such rules should be made that if anyone asks for anything in the future, then do it under one policy. And let them get justice. If the perpetrators had been punished by taking action on the cases that have taken place so far, it would not have been the turn of women to come out today. And use such slogans.

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