Population hike – a blessing or malediction

Sajid Ali Naich
In today’s global world, one of the major issue that entire world is struggling to rectify it is of rampant growth of population. With every passing day, human population has exceeded to its limit as compared with available resources most especially, related with food and water. Developed nations have adopted stringent measures to tackle and combat this trauma. But there is a country in the map of Earth that doesn’t deem population hike as a trauma because their population has decreased and has generated problems for them to balance their economic cycle . Japan is world’s third biggest economy and manufacturing industry in the globe. Japan’s population has resulted decrement and has become matter of concern among japanese hoi polloi. As the healthcare drugs, medicines and other skin care cosmetics have boosted life expectancy. The average life expectancy in Japan is 85 years for male and 80 years for female. However, similar to other countries, Japan also suffers mire issues of poverty, inflation and unavailability of jobs . People prefer less children because they consider quality over quantity and expenses of child’s education, health and living causes heavy burden. As China’s one child policy was deeply adopted and accepted world wide and several people respond assertive. In future, if this results continues then, Japan might import some immigrants to fulfill its people for working in offices , hospitals and industries that is the reason, government of Japan has decided to increase facilities for emigrates. Less population means less workers or employees to be implanted in offices and industries. Population growth is a serious topic. The birth cycle set by nature is best for humans . Interposing ignoble ideas and hypothesis, certainly, will devastate into ashes of frustration and depression. Rather considering population growth as malediction, one should commemorate its mercies and how it is effectual in balancing life cycle on Earth.


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